Ethics Statement

I value open transparency and the relationship I have with my community. I don’t want to encourage people to do things or purchase things that I don’t personally do or purchase. This is why Sponsored Content will be rare on the devsmak youtube channel. I will only work with companies that have products or services that I trust and use myself.

If I create Sponsored Content, I will make it clear. I will flag the video with Youtube’s “Includes paid promotion” option. No exceptions.

Regarding the equipment I use to make these videos as well as for my work as a programmer, I have personally purchased all of these items other than my work provided laptop. I have not accepted any freebies to this point.

If a company or another creator wants to work with me, here are some of my guidelines.

  • I have full control over my content. I try to share my opinions objectively about things that interest me. I share what I think is relevant or interesting to my audience. I do not submit video previews for acceptance. I also maintain complete control over my titles and descriptions.
  • I do not guarantee or promise certain levels of engagement or views. That said, I always try to make good content that will do well.
  • I do not make videos in exchange for free products or services. If I receive a product for free, I do not guarantee that I will feature it in a video.
  • I will only work with established trusted companies.
  • I will not knowingly promote scams or junk cryptocurrency coins.
  • I will not participate in any illegal, immoral or deceptive program or agreement. This includes but is not limited to market collusions, manipulations, insider trading or similar unethical practices.
  • To maintain these standards, I reserve the right to discontinue a working relationship at any time for any reason.

If you do not accept these guidelines, don’t waste my time. It’s not negotiable and won’t end well.

Should you ask me to participate in some illegal scheme, I will report you to the authorities!

Community Guidelines

I value community interaction. It’s an important way to learn from each other and grow. However, I don’t tolerate offensive hateful behavior. It is not possible for me to effectively monitor every comment or interaction on the Youtube channel, so I have enabled a rather extensive list of blocked words. I also block hashtags and links in the comments.

You are free to share opinions that disagree with me. That’s totally fine and I welcome differing opinions. But if you choose to be hateful or include links, your comment will likely get caught in the filter and I will never see it or respond to it. I apologize in advance if this accidentally catches a well intentioned legit comment.

Also, I will not respond to mean, negative or argument baiting comments or comments that lack substance. I am only interested in participating in civil conversations.