Are Software Developers Exempt From Overtime?

Real quick for those who don’t know what exempt means, here’s a quick explanation. In the United States, if you work more than forty hours in a work week on an hourly basis, you are paid one and a half times your normal hourly rate for the extra hours. If you have a salary, you … Read more

You Don’t Need A GitHub Portfolio To Get A Job

Do you have a bunch of projects to showcase on GitHub? That’s great because your GitHub profile is the first place I am going to look to decide if you are worth hiring. I better see a bunch of high quality relevant repos and your contributions chart better look like a green Christmas tree or … Read more

Should I Accept A Counter Offer From My Employer?

Less than 20% of employees who accept a counter offer stay for six months. Within one year, that number drops to less than 10%. I am going to share why you should never accept a counter offer from your employer. But first, you need to look at yourself like a business that is doing business … Read more