How Much FAANG Pays Software Engineers in 2022

Last Updated: 30 September 2023

Who doesn’t want to be a cool software engineer geeking it out at a FAANG company making more than some doctors without spending ten to fourteen years in school and residency? Or if you’re already a software engineer how does your pay compare to FAANG engineers?

By FAANG, I’m not just talking about Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. If you add in all the other high paying tech giants, we’d have to use a worse acronym. To make that point more clear, this video will also include Microsoft salaries.

And with the way things are going at Netflix, maybe we’ll end up with a new acronym soon anyways.

So let’s get started…

0:00 FAANG Software Engineer Salaries Context

0:31 How much does Meta / Facebook Pay Software Engineer?

3:45 How much does Apple Pay Software Engineer?

7:15 How much does Amazon Pay Software Engineer?

9:52 How much does Netflix Pay Software Engineer?

11:10 How much does Google Pay Software Engineer?

14:04 How much does Microsoft Pay Software Engineer?

These estimates are sourced from You can find compensation for a ton of other companies there, so be sure to check that site out.

It’s also important to remember that the higher you go, the more responsibilities you have and these positions usually require you to exert more influence across the organization impacting things beyond your team.

Most software engineers end up in the senior upper senior levels with only a few making it into the highest levels of the individual contributor track. This means the sample sizes for compensation get smaller or are non existent. One reason for this is that with so few engineers in these levels, it’s pretty hard to share your compensation and remain anonymous so not a lot get shared.