How Much FAANG Pays Software Engineers in 2022

Software Engineer Salaries... How much do programmers make?

Who doesn’t want to be a cool software engineer geeking it out at a FAANG company making more than some doctors without spending ten to fourteen years in school and residency? Or if you’re already a software engineer how does your pay compare to FAANG engineers? By FAANG, I’m not just talking about Facebook, Apple, … Read more

I Tried Coding On iPad Pro M1

When I travel, I don’t want to take my laptop with me. My iPad makes more sense because of its small form factor. I can use it to watch videos, edit photos and I wondered how well it would work for front-end development. This took me down several rabbit holes before I finally landed on … Read more

Dark Side of Blockchain Development Jobs

Whether you are a fan of blockchain or not, the number of job postings for blockchain developers is definitely on the rise. There are some legit companies out there building cool things on the blockchain, but its no secret that there are a lot of sketchy companies too. Even if a company is working on … Read more

Are Software Developers Exempt From Overtime?

Real quick for those who don’t know what exempt means, here’s a quick explanation. In the United States, if you work more than forty hours in a work week on an hourly basis, you are paid one and a half times your normal hourly rate for the extra hours. If you have a salary, you … Read more

You Don’t Need A GitHub Portfolio To Get A Job

Do you have a bunch of projects to showcase on GitHub? That’s great because your GitHub profile is the first place I am going to look to decide if you are worth hiring. I better see a bunch of high quality relevant repos and your contributions chart better look like a green Christmas tree or … Read more

Easiest Way To Become a Software Developer

Easiest way to become a software developer

My name is James and I went from an underwater construction worker to a self-taught Sr. Software engineer at a large multinational company making more money than I ever imagined as a history major that ended up in construction. I’m going to share with you the exact strategies that I used to quickly learn software … Read more

Should I Accept A Counter Offer From My Employer?

Less than 20% of employees who accept a counter offer stay for six months. Within one year, that number drops to less than 10%. I am going to share why you should never accept a counter offer from your employer. But first, you need to look at yourself like a business that is doing business … Read more

10 Programming Interview Red Flags

Top 10 Software Interview Red Flags

Several years ago, I was thrilled to be interviewing for a front-end software development position at a company what was a super short walk from my home. Especially, since I had been doing a 50 minute commute. But that is where the goodness ended. At first I was flattered that the Team Lead was very … Read more